Effortless UX Design for InforMEA – an United Nations digital platform.


InforMEA is a digital platform whose main goal is to manage the access to all the legally binding treaties and agreements (Multilateral Environmental Agreements – MEA) that have been created over the past 50 years. This tool was built for the decision-makers to use in order to explore the best practices and design their countries policies in line with global environment legislation and is facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme

UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations - Digital strategy

Given the amount of information this platform has to manage and the diversity of the content publishers (from all over the world) it was a real challenge for the platform to offer a good, instinctive and effortless user experience.

We’ve accepted the challenge and teamed up with the company who built the platform  – Eau de Web – in order to craft a digital strategy based on good user experience and on-page search engine optimization (SEO).

UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations

Our approach

Web audit. We’ve started with a comprehensive UX & SEO audit. By keeping the users in mind but also the methodology of on-page search engine optimization we analyzed:

  • The information architecture – the navigation structure, how is the platform information designed, what are the main-level and secondary-level menu items, the user-flows and the quality of internal linking.
  • The user interactions – by setting up a heat-mapping campaign we scanned the user behaviour within a navigation session: what links did they click, where did they scroll, what did they read and so on.
  • Analytical data – using Google Analytics tool, we searched for relevant data in order to see what kind of user we have and what their behaviour is – bounce rates / pages performances etc.
  • On-page SEO – we’ve analysed each page (from top level sections to deep internal sections). By using different SEO tools we found all the issues that slow-down the search engines indexation.
  • Users feedback – by setting up a “straight to the point” user survey campaign, we found valuable answers about what are the most important sections for them, their pain points, their expectations and so on.

Crafting the user experience

Digital strategy

After a thorough web audit 3Faces converted the users’ pain points to provide an engaging user experience. We’ve started by using a powerful tool when it comes to buildin a good user experience: the User Persona – a fictional character created to represent the different user types that might use the platform in a similar way.

User Persona

Given the diversity of the users, from all over the world but also with different areas of expertise and different needs we identified 2 profiles that match the majority of the users:

  • Anna – the functionary. She works for the Department of Environment and her main job responsibility is to be up-to-date with the newest information regarding MEA’s implementation. Using the Informea portal often she needs a tool that “learns” her website itinerary and shows her directly the information she needs.
  • Simon – the consultant. He needs to use the information on the platform as reference in his work but he also needs it to gain valuable insights for his research.
UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations - Wireframing / User-flows definition
UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations
UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations - User Persona definition
UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations - User Persona definition

Information Architecture

Having the user persona’s needs in mind, we redefined the informational architecture scheme to facilitate the user’s access to information they need but also to serve the other main goal we defined when we started the work: a SEO-friendly page structure on each section of the platform.


Furthermore, by having all the information we needed – the audit phase information combined with the insights extracted with the user persona tool – we’ve rebuilt the internal sections with a new structure and tools that give our users the power to succeed in their jobs.

UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations - Information Architecture definition
UX Design & SEO Audit for United Nations - Wireframing / User-flows definition


After we conducted a thorough keyword research process, that allowed us to analyse and identify the most popular keywords, we organized them in umbrella topics for further exploration. We also identified, based on search intent, what subjects people are searching regarding the MEA’s.

Based on information we gained on the SEO audit we delivered to our partners a comprehensive document with technical recommendations for each section of the platform in order:

  • rebuild the platform in a more SEO-friendly manner,
  • raise the number of users gained by organic channel,
  • increase the presence of key sections of the platform (from international environment treaties) in SERP – Search Engine Results Pages.
  • raise the CTR – click through rate –  indicator in search engines.
United Nation Environment Program - UX Design & SEO

The impact. Informea has now a friendlier navigational structure, an user-driven content layout, new tools that  user access to key information and more importantly, it understands and delivers to its users information according to their needs. Also, now, the presence in search engines has increased and the number of users acquired by organic channel has raised to a historical maximum.


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