How We Do It


It’s not just a logo, nor just a name or a website, even if those are very important. A brand is what people say about your business when you’re not in the same room. 

Together we can tell them who you are, why you are different and more importantly why choose you. First, let’s dive into our branding process


Brand & Digital Strategy

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy’s final goal is to help brands define themselves, in regard to who they are and what they stand for, in an authentic and appealing way.

Discovery – a crash course in your business. We start with a comprehensive research of your market, your main competitors, their clients’ needs and how they effectively, and ineffectively build their brands (online and offline).

We search for answers and data related to: the quality of their products or services; the consistency of their message and visual identity across channels; their customer reviews and how their websites are built. But more importantly, we search for that magical match between their message and their clients’ needs. After we are done with that, we focus on the qualities and benefits that make your company unique and appealing for your target audience. That’s where the next step comes in.

Decoding your target audience. Our aim is to understand the audience’s emotional & rational motivations and needs so we can come up with a strong insight narrowed down to your target. An insight that goes beyond descriptive demographic data, such as age, gender or income level, and describes a key piece of information about how the audience feels in relation to your brand. Moreover this insight is crucial when developing the digital strategy of your website since it helps create an accurate user persona, that will help you understand your user’s needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

The results: an effective brand positioning statement that will lead the road to a strong brand; a digital strategy that narrows the focus and purpose of your business website and other digital channels; a sure way to create unique brand & digital experiences.

Brand identity & UX / UI Design
Step two

Creative Direction

Every branding or digital agency has a unique process and perspective that brings the creative work to life. However, having a strong strategy already forged gives us the chance to “play it safe” when developing the creative brief.

The creative brief, the document that explaining the ins and outs of your project to our creative team – the art / creative director, the UX / UI designer, the copywriter or the content strategist – will ensure the deliverables you receive align with your expectations, your business needs, the digital strategy or with the brand positioning strategy.

What to expect. Key deliverables of the creative process show how the brand communicates across digital & traditional media and include:

Brand identity. A complex system consisting of verbal and visual elements that define your brand voice.

The verbal elements forge the language of the brand, the verbal identity. The verbal identity of the brand embraces every use of language:

  • Naming, the name of your brand;
  • Tone of voice;
  • Slogan & key messages;
  • Brand story and core values.

Aside from those, we’re also talking about a visual language that makes your brand unique and memorable, the visual identity of your brand. The main purpose of visual identity is to maintain a consistent visual communication look and feel across all channels. The key deliverables of the visual identity system:

  • Brand mark / logo design – this may be a wordmark, a symbol or both;
  • Mood boards that capture your visual brand expressions;
  • Brand guidelines – the proper use of a brand: color usage, typographic options, proper use of logo etc.;
  • Stationery – design for business cards, letterhead, envelope, folder, invoice etc;
  • Promotional materials – brochure, flyer, sale presentations, posters, etc;
  • Packaging design & point of sale materials;
  • Signage – directional, billboards, car branding etc.

UX / UI design – the way your brand interact online. We mix brand building methodology with a digital development process.By doing this we can build a full digital & branding experience for your online users. Our websites and digital products form authentic relationships.

By fusing brand strategy insights about your products/ services, market, target audience with user experience development tools like:

  • user persona,
  • information architecture & user flow definitions,
  • wireframes and visual prototyping of the website

we are able to design world-class digital experiences.

Brand & Digital Communication
Step Three

Brand Communication

Moving your brand from concept to reality. . A great creative solution is just one part of the branding process. Most branding agencies stop here, they deliver a memory stick containing beautiful graphical layouts and thoughtful branding manuals.

But we… are different. We also concentrate on producing the brand collaterals, negotiating the production costs from the client’s side of the deal, without compromising the creative quality. Our success is due to a detailed approach on project management and a keen sense of timing.

Engage your customers. We create and establish your brand’s presence online by exploring various channels, which include:

  • Owned media– website, blog, social media and email marketing;
  • Earned media – search engine optimisation (SEO), ratings & reviews;
  • Paid media – search engine advertising, social media campaigns, influencer marketing

in order to find the best fit for your business in the digital world.