The Agency

The agency

Building branded moments together

We are a branding strategy & digital design agency based in Bucharest / Romania. Our goal is to create unique brand experiences through research, design and creative implementation.

Call us old-fashioned, but we think you need three dates to get there. On each date you’ll  meet a new face to guide you on your journey.  

On our first date we’ll skip the small talk and dive into some serious insights about your brand strategy. The second date is all about the charm, the magic of the creative face. The third date starts off our relationship. You will meet the face of delivery. Together we’ll deliver branded experiences to your customers.

The Strategic face

Measure twice and cut once. This is the starting point of every successful branding process. We firmly believe in honesty and when it comes to speaking about your market and your target audience, we’ll tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. This is what real friends do. What you need is a strong positioning strategy and we will relentlessly search for that insight until we find it. 

We are big picture thinkers with a solid background in brand strategy and an eager willingness to create great brands. And, even more importantly, we’re your friend.


the Brand Strategy & UX Design Face
the Brand Identity & UI Design Face

The Creative face

This is where the magic happens, the right message - the perfect combination of copy and imagery - is created. This message represents the true essence of the brand, allowing us to trigger the right emotional responses to your target audience.

In today's business landscape a design-led approach is considered to be a powerful strategic tool. At 3Faces agency we design everything: brand identities, packaging, brand collaterals, complex digital platforms, and strongly believe that design has the power to bring real change.


The Delivery face

You now have a bulletproof brand strategy and an inspired brand identity that reflects the true essence of your brand. Your next challenge is to deliver those assets to your customers in a way that doesn’t dilute and undermine the brand message

But no worries! We’re here to help you manage the brand implementation process. We partner with many different vendors and suppliers in order to convey your message across every brand touch point - starting with your stationary (business cards, envelopes, notebooks, etc) or your website (front-end & back-end development) to interior environments, packaging production, building signage, car branding and even your t-shirt or your USB memory stick.

It’s a long road ahead but our production manager is here to bring his expertise so that things go smoothly and easily.


the Brand Activation Face